Organic avocado as valuable food resource

By on Oct 4, 2015 in Healthy Living, Organic Food |

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One of major problems our world is facing is delicate state of our agriculture. This issue lies with over specialized production of only few major products. There is no diversity and many useful food products are marginalized and forgotten. There are many types of fruits and vegetables that are not commonly used because other products are pushed because they can be produced in larger quantities and they can be sold for more money.


This is a cursed circle, farmers can’t produce anything except for a few products because they are aggressively advertised, and even thought other products that are similar to that products are more healthy than those products people buy things that are advertised. And people looking for healthier products  and want diversity in their cooking have hard time because they don’t know about potency of some products due to low usage of those products, and they end up buying products that are advertised.

Permaculture and one of its leaders Vladislav Davidzon are trying to change that. With courses and articles in Permaculture Design Magazine they are trying among other things to show people that there are a lot of products that can be made to taste heavenly, and they show you how to grow them too.

avocado-pancakes-1-620x465Avocado is a fruit with rather unknown potency or should I say overlooked potency. All people know about this fruit is that it is used to make guacamole, but that fruit has a lot of other uses many know nothing about. And if you read right articles you can learn how to grow them in your backyard. I won’t go in that direction, but I will mention few dishes avocado can be used for, and you probably never heard of them.

Avocado bread is one of those products. This type of bread is rather similar to banana bread. There are recipes online that will teach you how to make excellent avocado bread. My advice is to lightly toast avocado slices before using them for bread. Taste of this bread can be upgraded with different spices and nuts.

California-Avocado-Yogurt-Key-Lime-PieYou can make pie with avocado, using it and lime. Lime pie is a more known dessert, and with addition of avocado it becomes creamier. Recipes for this pie can be found online, and there are few variations.

Avocado grows in summer season so having avocado and not making ice cream out of it is a sin. Earth Lodge recipe uses coconut cream and it is heavy. By blending avocado and using it instead of coconut you will get much lighter ice cream to it.

You can make mayonnaise from avocado too. There a few recipes for that look for them if you are interested. This mayo is a good addition to your potato salad and ifyou like avocado taste you can use it with other favorite dishes.

tb-recipe-lead1For hot summer days along with avocado ice cream you can make avocado soup too, it is a chilled soup and it is very tasty and it will help you to survive hellish days of summer.

These five dishes are only a tip of an iceberg of recipes that there are out there and they involve only one fruit, that you believed is used only for guacamole, before reading this. There are hundreds of different products as avocado that are overlooked, if you want diversity in you every day meals you should ask around and you will find a world of non-commercial food that is probably tastier than anything you buy in a drive-through.