A wilderness quest that changes your life

By on Oct 4, 2015 in Green Education, Permaculture |

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Other than applying to agriculture, permaculture is a discipline whose principles can be applied and used in every aspect of human lives, from planting a seed to building a factory. Thanks to the availability of the information and resources, more and more people nowadays are deciding to step away from living according to principles of the industrialized world. They are switching to a slower, healthier life, following the laws, patterns and “tips” from Mother Nature, taking care of the Earth and using renewable resources instead of wasting those that cannot be renewed.


Permaculture is a discipline that largely helps in these aspirations, since it is based on observation and application of natural patterns, caring for the Earth and creating a household, a garden or anything else that can be completely independent and self-sustainable.

Not only that our homes, gardens and many more can be made self-sustaining by using permaculture principles. Permaculture involves more than that – taking care of the people, where they take care both of themselves and their families and communities; living and creating inside of a community, while cooperating with its other members and creating healthy relationships, and exchanging ideas as well as goods with other people.

img_0325Having in mind all this, Vladislav Davidzon founded a Regenerative Leadership Institute, which teaches principles of permaculture to anyone who want to change their lives of or turn their careers in this direction. Permaculture school on this Institute offers a unique experience – an outdoor school, held in Eugene, Oregon during summer and San Francisco, California during winter. Everyone is able to attend, no matter their previous education and current knowledge of permaculture. Age restriction applies to those below 18 years of age, but the school often makes exceptions, so it can be said that there are almost no age restriction either.

The program provides the attendees with living in nature for a period of time, while learning about permaculture as well as ecology, leadership development, non-violent communication, meditation and more. The idea is to bring people closer to nature and reconnect them with their primal instincts and feelings, as well as to teach them to live inside of a community and build good relationships with others.

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Every attendee will be required to spend some time with others, but some time alone as well – in order to reconnect with his inner being. The food in the camp is vegan and fully-organic, and it is prepared by teams of cooks, formed by the attendees themselves – which is also one way of teaching people how to work within a community. All the tents, camping equipment (except sleeping bags), food and permit fees are provided by the Institute, covered by your tuition fee.

If you feel like starting a new, different life, reconnecting with nature, learning about permaculture, getting to know yourself better and more – this course may be the thing for you. It provides knowledge of many topics, improves a people in different aspects and makes them rediscover their limits, aspirations and wishes – which is certainly life-changing and positive.