Greywater As A Simple And Effective Resource For Water-Starved Nations 

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Greywater simply refers to water from bath tubs, bathroom sinks, washing machines and showers that have not come in contact with feces. In most parts of the world, kitchen and toilet water is considered black water due to the high bacterial content found in it. Reusing greywater is a legal and common practice all over Australia, New Mexico, Arizona and many other parts of the globe. California alone is estimated to have more than a million users of greywater, and no instances of illnesses as a result of using greywater are yet to be reported.

slider_greywater_cut2-2A reported published by UCLA estimated that 10% of Southern Californians used greywater for toilets, laundry and more, the potable water savings could be equivalent to or more than the capacity of a large, modern seawater desalination plant.

greywaerclivusmultrumGreywater systems are a small investment that homeowners in various parts of the world can make and reap various benefits including increased water supply, relieving stress on municipal sewer and treatment plants, increasing the fertility of soil and more. The landscape should be designed in a way that allows optimal infiltration while mulch basins provide sites for optimal microbial activity.

Many people often make the mistake of storing greywater to use in existing irrigation systems forgetting that this is far more expensive and complex to set up. A simple system that relies on sheer force of gravity to direct water is just as effective for irrigation, but less costly.

A laundry-to-landscape greywater system can be easily installed in households where the washing machine is placed in a room with an exterior wall. A three way diverter allows homeowners to direct water to the sewer or garden as desired. This is especially important if a homeowner occasionally uses detergents containing chemicals that are too harsh on plants. A homeowner can use as many branches as they need in their branched drain greywater system and use ball valves to control the flow of greywater to specific areas of the yard or garden.Laundry To Landscape

Proper calculation of the budget, which is affected by the amount of greywater that will be discharged as well as the type of system installed, is important. You also need to take into account the amount of greywater that you will need per week and the size of the landscape. The type of plants you irrigate using greywater and the detergents or soaps used matter a lot.

Thankfully, there are more resources where you can find more information regarding greywater as a great resource in water starved areas. A good example is Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute.

Commercial Compost Bin Cleaning Services

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At the Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute you can learn about anything regarding the commercial aspects of compost. Compost is in high demand. Its market keeps growing and the supply is not nearly as enough as it should be to satisfy the demand. There are many deviations to the commercial compost market. While some companies or individuals provide compost itself, others provide other services such as the manufacture and sale of compost bins and tumblers and others provide cleaning services for the compost bins and tumblers.


For companies or individuals with too many compost bins and/or tumblers and not enough man power or experience or equipment to handle the cleaning, it becomes necessary to hire a commercial cleaning company to do that. The commercial cleaning company or service generally cleans all your bins for a fee. You could also hire them on contract so that each time you clear out your compost, they come in and clean your bins and/or tumblers for an agreed on period of time and price.

Commercial cleaning services are professional. They are certified businesses in just the same way as car cleaning services are. With the growth in the compost industry, there has also been a growth in the commercial compost bin or tumbler cleaning industry. A good commercial cleaning company understands the client requirements and how best to handle the job as effectively as possible. Aside from that a good commercial company needs to be up to date.

That is, they need to adapt new methods of cleaning as they come up, technologically or otherwise.

media (1)eco-friendly-badgeCommercial cleaning companies are readily available and a quick search over the internet will get you one. Before hiring any commercial compost bin cleaning company, you should consider certain vital factors such as their track record, eco-friendliness, pricing and other such factors. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is not a touch and go process, instead it is a more involving process of research, analysis, scrutiny and elimination.

For the do it yourself kind of person, if you do not know how best to clean your compost bin, you could ask for consultation with a professional cleaning company or person. They will then explain everything that you need to know about the techniques of cleaning and how to do it effectively, the equipment needed and how to use them and other such important details. Alternatively you could just spare a few dollars and have the company clean your compost bin or tumbler for you.

Designs of Regeneration

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Importance of the regenerating designs:

living-bldg-credit-gerdingAs the saying goes, ‘No one knows what they have lost until and unless you lose it”. Here too we are talking about the conserving of the things that are founding the world. In this regard, we speak about the regenerating of the products. This means that we are going to concentrate on those designs that would assist in recycle the so called ‘waste’ and get the benefit from the same. In this regard there are many processes that are involved. The Regenerative Leadership Institute community foundation has many courses offered by them, wherein the Permaculture is the most prominent. The importance of this is known by the team and hence, they are working towards making a difference in this field.

The area concentration by the Institute:

This area of preserving the resources by using the organic waste, mulching, that are readily available and is not regarded as any other ’garbage’, is used for the growth of the crops or plants. Usage of this kind of process on the soil delivers more strength to the soil and increases the fertility. The institute has many branches around the world ranging to more than one hundred and ninety and the count of the student list goes up to the more than a million.


The contribution of the math with regard to the regeneration:

The statistics that is been stated here is because of the teaching structure the institute follows and accordingly, gives result to many well-trained students who are ready to take the world through a nice experience!The study of the eco system and finding the measures for the same is the apt strength of the process. This is very well designed and brought into existence. The turbines that are built and the containers that are scientifically and safely designed to save the rain water, which is in other words called the rain water harvesting also leads to the preservation of the eco system and deals with generating better yield. It is a belief that has become strong in the mind due to the usage of the process as specified above, is that the current yield, out of which some of it would be wasted could turn out to be a source for the growth of the crops in the next year.

Regeneration agent, come too close the benefits of sourcing the process:

The process of regeneration and many other systems that are used as a regenerating agent would lead to the development of various aspects and help if not complete regeneration, at least close to a point ninety nine percent of the process being followed and energy conserved in the goal to achieve better environment for the current and forth coming generation. Where would be the class of dignity of saving the environment if the completion of regenerating processes is not sustained? The answer would be that, even though we are in the modern technology world, the base of having good and healthy food, living in a free and healthy environment has no replacement. The process of regeneration gives you all that!

A wilderness quest that changes your life

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Other than applying to agriculture, permaculture is a discipline whose principles can be applied and used in every aspect of human lives, from planting a seed to building a factory. Thanks to the availability of the information and resources, more and more people nowadays are deciding to step away from living according to principles of the industrialized world. They are switching to a slower, healthier life, following the laws, patterns and “tips” from Mother Nature, taking care of the Earth and using renewable resources instead of wasting those that cannot be renewed.


Permaculture is a discipline that largely helps in these aspirations, since it is based on observation and application of natural patterns, caring for the Earth and creating a household, a garden or anything else that can be completely independent and self-sustainable.

Not only that our homes, gardens and many more can be made self-sustaining by using permaculture principles. Permaculture involves more than that – taking care of the people, where they take care both of themselves and their families and communities; living and creating inside of a community, while cooperating with its other members and creating healthy relationships, and exchanging ideas as well as goods with other people.

img_0325Having in mind all this, Vladislav Davidzon founded a Regenerative Leadership Institute, which teaches principles of permaculture to anyone who want to change their lives of or turn their careers in this direction. Permaculture school on this Institute offers a unique experience – an outdoor school, held in Eugene, Oregon during summer and San Francisco, California during winter. Everyone is able to attend, no matter their previous education and current knowledge of permaculture. Age restriction applies to those below 18 years of age, but the school often makes exceptions, so it can be said that there are almost no age restriction either.

The program provides the attendees with living in nature for a period of time, while learning about permaculture as well as ecology, leadership development, non-violent communication, meditation and more. The idea is to bring people closer to nature and reconnect them with their primal instincts and feelings, as well as to teach them to live inside of a community and build good relationships with others.

mix of vegetables food at the market

Every attendee will be required to spend some time with others, but some time alone as well – in order to reconnect with his inner being. The food in the camp is vegan and fully-organic, and it is prepared by teams of cooks, formed by the attendees themselves – which is also one way of teaching people how to work within a community. All the tents, camping equipment (except sleeping bags), food and permit fees are provided by the Institute, covered by your tuition fee.

If you feel like starting a new, different life, reconnecting with nature, learning about permaculture, getting to know yourself better and more – this course may be the thing for you. It provides knowledge of many topics, improves a people in different aspects and makes them rediscover their limits, aspirations and wishes – which is certainly life-changing and positive.

Organic avocado as valuable food resource

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One of major problems our world is facing is delicate state of our agriculture. This issue lies with over specialized production of only few major products. There is no diversity and many useful food products are marginalized and forgotten. There are many types of fruits and vegetables that are not commonly used because other products are pushed because they can be produced in larger quantities and they can be sold for more money.


This is a cursed circle, farmers can’t produce anything except for a few products because they are aggressively advertised, and even thought other products that are similar to that products are more healthy than those products people buy things that are advertised. And people looking for healthier products  and want diversity in their cooking have hard time because they don’t know about potency of some products due to low usage of those products, and they end up buying products that are advertised.

Permaculture and one of its leaders Vladislav Davidzon are trying to change that. With courses and articles in Permaculture Design Magazine they are trying among other things to show people that there are a lot of products that can be made to taste heavenly, and they show you how to grow them too.

avocado-pancakes-1-620x465Avocado is a fruit with rather unknown potency or should I say overlooked potency. All people know about this fruit is that it is used to make guacamole, but that fruit has a lot of other uses many know nothing about. And if you read right articles you can learn how to grow them in your backyard. I won’t go in that direction, but I will mention few dishes avocado can be used for, and you probably never heard of them.

Avocado bread is one of those products. This type of bread is rather similar to banana bread. There are recipes online that will teach you how to make excellent avocado bread. My advice is to lightly toast avocado slices before using them for bread. Taste of this bread can be upgraded with different spices and nuts.

California-Avocado-Yogurt-Key-Lime-PieYou can make pie with avocado, using it and lime. Lime pie is a more known dessert, and with addition of avocado it becomes creamier. Recipes for this pie can be found online, and there are few variations.

Avocado grows in summer season so having avocado and not making ice cream out of it is a sin. Earth Lodge recipe uses coconut cream and it is heavy. By blending avocado and using it instead of coconut you will get much lighter ice cream to it.

You can make mayonnaise from avocado too. There a few recipes for that look for them if you are interested. This mayo is a good addition to your potato salad and ifyou like avocado taste you can use it with other favorite dishes.

tb-recipe-lead1For hot summer days along with avocado ice cream you can make avocado soup too, it is a chilled soup and it is very tasty and it will help you to survive hellish days of summer.

These five dishes are only a tip of an iceberg of recipes that there are out there and they involve only one fruit, that you believed is used only for guacamole, before reading this. There are hundreds of different products as avocado that are overlooked, if you want diversity in you every day meals you should ask around and you will find a world of non-commercial food that is probably tastier than anything you buy in a drive-through.